"Chapter 2: Starting Over"
A Personal Journal by Andrew Burg

Dunnellon, Florida, USA
Saturday - Friday
5 - 11 September 2009

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After landing in Orlando, I drove down to Jensen Beach to stay overnight with Jeff. The next morning it was off to Dunnellon for a few days.






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No videos on this trip. sep05_111.jpg (102901 bytes) sep05_112.jpg (120908 bytes) sep05_113.jpg (166387 bytes) sep10_112.jpg (89389 bytes)
And just a few pictures. Sorry, Jeff. We forgot to take even one picture of you or your boys. sep11_112.jpg (800268 bytes) sep11_113.jpg (668480 bytes) sep11_114.jpg (105342 bytes) sep11_115.jpg (119580 bytes)