Updated:   Thursday, 11 October 2012   Baja California, Mexico
17 - 20 November 2010
San Felipé, Puertecitos
& Baja 1000 Off-Road Race

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The Missions of Baja California

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With Lionel & Judy from Vancouver, BC --- the other BC, British Columbia, Canada ... watching the Baja 1000 race, driving the new road, memories of 1993, panga fishing.


Wednesday, Nov. 17

Thursday, Nov. 18

Friday, Nov. 19

Saturday, Nov. 20

Nacho's Camp (aka El Huerfanitos / The Orphans) and White "bird guano" Island as seen from about 10 miles inland.

Sunday, Nov. 21 ... sick as a dog (at home)


Google Earth Placemarks

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Southern California
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Missions of Baja History
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aaa_baja.jpg (6222791 bytes)Ever wonder why Loreto, San Felipé, Los Cabos and other select Mexican destinations come into being and grow like crazy? It's not luck or coincidence. It's all very well-planned. Thanks to Fonatur, the "institution responsible for the planning and development of sustainable tourism projects." And with respect to the Baja Peninsula specifically, there is the vision of the Escalera Nautica, the Nautical Ladder --- a mega project. As of August 2009, this project was HALTED by the Mexican federal government. Yippie! The new Baja Almanac is out!  After being out of print for 4 years and losing both my copies, I ordered 4 to make sure I have a backup and give two away as gifts.


Video Clips

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Baja 1000 Race, Checkpoint 3, Mile 230, Km 52

42± Mb

Baja 1000 Race, Checkpoint 3, Mile 230, Km 52

6± Mb

Twilight bikes south of San Felipe (02:16)
18 November
Baja 1000 Race, Checkpoint 3, Mile 230, Km 52

16± Mb

Baja 1000 Race, Checkpoint 3, Mile 230, Km 52

2˝± Mb

Twilight bikes south of San Felipe (00:52)
18 November
Baja 1000 Race, Checkpoint 3, Mile 230, Km 52

55 ± Mb

Baja 1000 Race, Checkpoint 3, Mile 230, Km 52

8 ± Mb

Daytime bikes south of San Felipe (02:55)
18 November

57± Mb

9± Mb

Overall video, south of San Felipe (03:02)
18 November
Band-spankin' new super-duper Highway 5 near (new) Km 283

7± Mb

Band-spankin' new super-duper Highway 5 near (new) Km 283

1 ± Mb

"San Felipe Trail" South of Puertecitos (00:22) 19 November


Wednesday, November 17

Desert Hot Springs, past Salton Sea to Calexico, California to meet Lionel & Judy from San Diego for carpooling through Mexicali, BC to San Felipe.

nov17_111.jpg (654625 bytes) nov17_112.jpg (661487 bytes) nov17_113.jpg (713218 bytes)

jetta_98000miles_sanfelipe_nov17.jpg (104626 bytes) nov17_114.jpg (614824 bytes)

Wannabe racers. Both the models and the anonymous owners of these cars. And, of course, Ramon who serenaded us with  Guantanamera. nov17_115.jpg (791348 bytes) nov17_116.jpg (900597 bytes)  nov17_118.jpg (671682 bytes) nov17_117.jpg (959153 bytes)
Thursday, November 18




Race day

Checkpoint 3

Mile 230

Km 52

About ˝ way between San Felipe & Puertecitos

Unknown campo. Dead dogs in the trees?

nov18_146.jpg (1252406 bytes)
nov18_168a.jpg (62450 bytes) nov18_125.jpg (672319 bytes) nov18_148.jpg (1208061 bytes) nov18_149.jpg (1006490 bytes) nov18_150.jpg (1121707 bytes)
nov18_151.jpg (1093612 bytes) nov18_152.jpg (1184277 bytes) nov18_153.jpg (129450 bytes) nov18_154.jpg (194671 bytes) nov18_155.jpg (1065078 bytes)
nov18_156.jpg (797068 bytes) nov18_157.jpg (1191167 bytes) nov18_158.jpg (111415 bytes) nov18_159.jpg (1078351 bytes) nov18_160.jpg (133060 bytes)
nov18_161.jpg (778975 bytes) nov18_162.jpg (1330210 bytes) nov18_163.jpg (1305254 bytes) nov18_164.jpg (1132917 bytes) nov18_165.jpg (1185296 bytes)
nov18_166.jpg (980501 bytes) nov18_167.jpg (1153078 bytes) nov18_147.jpg (1037613 bytes)
nov18_111.jpg (657066 bytes) nov18_112.jpg (660069 bytes) nov18_113.jpg (672835 bytes) nov18_114.jpg (658512 bytes) nov18_115.jpg (695016 bytes)
nov18_116.jpg (657647 bytes) nov18_117.jpg (681060 bytes) nov18_118.jpg (642947 bytes) nov18_119.jpg (651929 bytes) nov18_120.jpg (636780 bytes)
nov18_121.jpg (678014 bytes) nov18_122.jpg (664183 bytes) nov18_123.jpg (640249 bytes) nov18_124.jpg (679850 bytes)
nov18_126.jpg (657708 bytes) nov18_127.jpg (664023 bytes) nov18_128.jpg (662110 bytes) nov18_129.jpg (675530 bytes) nov18_130.jpg (690397 bytes)
nov18_131.jpg (669736 bytes) nov18_132.jpg (669753 bytes) nov18_133.jpg (626092 bytes) nov18_134.jpg (647430 bytes) nov18_135.jpg (692174 bytes)
nov18_136.jpg (631275 bytes) nov18_137.jpg (504957 bytes) nov18_138.jpg (588280 bytes) nov18_139.jpg (631237 bytes) nov18_141.jpg (598995 bytes)
nov18_140.jpg (639944 bytes)
Friday, November 19

After a leisurely breakfast, we shopped for a few hours before setting out for points South.

nov19_156.jpg (1109328 bytes) nov19_155.jpg (1240676 bytes) nov19_149.jpg (1517569 bytes) nov19_150.jpg (1343585 bytes)
And a quick haircut for Lionel at the local tattoo-haircut salon ... Lilly-Ana's. $8 bucks. nov19_153.jpg (1499633 bytes) nov19_154.jpg (1253444 bytes)

Nov 2010

Oh yeah, and re-creating August 1993 in front of the Beachcomber Restaurant on the Malecon.

nov19_151.jpg (1419839 bytes) nov19_151a.jpg (101857 bytes) nov19_152a.jpg (89174 bytes) nov19_152.jpg (1412954 bytes)
Aug 1993 

With Barbara & TJ, 17 years ago on the way to Los Cabos for the first time on the 1993 grand peninsula trip.

san_felipe_1993.jpg (146622 bytes) baja1993_104.jpg (362169 bytes) baja1993_105.jpg (405146 bytes) baja1993_106.jpg (317186 bytes)

See the hawk on the pole? Maybe an osprey. This guy's house used to have a huge banner advertising it for rent ... www.bigassbeachhouse.com (yuck, yuck).

nov19_157.jpg (897305 bytes) nov19_111.jpg (229119 bytes)
Mex Hwy 5 --- watch out for the REALLY big deep VADOS!
Welcome to the village of Puertecitos, where the paved road once ended and the most hellacious, lava rock road began. Ref. 1993 Peninsula trip. nov19_112.jpg (235574 bytes) nov19_113.jpg (379363 bytes) nov19_113a.jpg (35763 bytes)  nov19_158.jpg (1532583 bytes) nov19_158a.jpg (171232 bytes)
We took the old dirt road through the village and joined the new paved super-duper highway here at the south end of Puertecitos. nov19_115.jpg (153724 bytes) nov19_114.jpg (132609 bytes) nov19_116.jpg (298241 bytes)
Looking North, Puerecitos is down the hill on the right.
The first 20 miles go through rugged, steep, fragmented rock & lava hills. Very heavy grading to construct cuts and fills and culverts. nov19_117.jpg (95628 bytes) nov19_118.jpg (185052 bytes) nov19_159.jpg (1267140 bytes)Much of the old "San Felipe Trail" was obliterated by the construction service road. In actuality, that road was much improved over the old trail.
Heading south, the new road starts before & bypasses Puertecitos. nov19_135_text.jpg (135800 bytes) nov19_136_text.jpg (129333 bytes) nov19_165a.jpg (247065 bytes) nov19_161.jpg (1209002 bytes) nov19_160.jpg (1127798 bytes)
South end of Puertecitos. nov19_163.jpg (1679043 bytes) nov19_164.jpg (1645157 bytes) nov19_162.jpg (1708002 bytes) Lionel & Andrew need more practice at this.
The Km markers are in the 200’s, presumably zero being the USA-Mex border. Currently zero is reset south of San Felipe at airport turnoff. nov19_166.jpg (1555651 bytes) nov19_168.jpg (1441652 bytes) nov19_169.jpg (1386881 bytes)
I forgot to note which Km we were at for these photos, but was in the high 200's. nov19_137.jpg (1683122 bytes) nov19_171.jpg (1712189 bytes) nov19_171a.jpg (497710 bytes)
I decided to take these two shots of Judy in perfect lighting. Nice, huh? I mean the photo quality. Oh, okay, you too, Judy. nov19_174.jpg (1473972 bytes) nov19_174a.jpg (394125 bytes) nov19_175.jpg (1399179 bytes) nov19_175a.jpg (328645 bytes)
Nacho's Camp (aka El Huerfanitos  / The Orphans) and White "bird guano" Island as seen from about 10 miles inland near El Marmol mine & El Volcan springs on the Baja Nomad "Lost Mission Expedition" of April 29 - May 1, 2011. nachos_camp_from_el_volcan_20110501_1.jpg (61910 bytes) nachos_camp_from_el_volcan_20110501_2.jpg (71637 bytes) nachos_camp_from_el_volcan_20110501_3.jpg (56257 bytes) nachos_camp_from_el_volcan_20110501_4.jpg (59900 bytes)

Blast to the past. Memories of the 1993 grand peninsula trip, that got off to a rough start after a few wonderful days in San Felipe.

baja_almanac_2010_new_highway5.jpg (483616 bytes)

baja_almanac_page6_update_highway5_2010nov_40.jpg (166143 bytes)













End of the Road!

aerial_mex5_end_of_road_text.jpg (493550 bytes)

nov19_176a.jpg (536266 bytes)






nov19_177.jpg (1373250 bytes)


Barbara (audio) reminiscing


nov19_178.jpg (1306499 bytes)

nov19_179.jpg (1260205 bytes)

Off the grid, but opulent water-saving bathroom.

Nov 2010 nov19_119a.jpg (134977 bytes) nov19_123.jpg (241332 bytes)

I was elated that this part of the old road was not obliterated.

nov19_119a_text.jpg (132137 bytes) nov19_123a_text.jpg (123630 bytes)

It was just where I left it. And in the same condition.

Aug 1993  baja1993_111.jpg (633980 bytes) baja1993_111.jpg (633980 bytes)
Nov 2010


nov19_124.jpg (338171 bytes)

Ditto for the magnificent vistas.

nov19_125.jpg (629289 bytes) nov19_126.jpg (637011 bytes)

Aug 1993  baja1993_114.jpg (465649 bytes)

Note the gnarly, crazy location of the old road along the volcanic slope. Yes the rocks are sharp! Note the layering of both sedimentary (uplift) & igneous (volcanic flows) materials.

Nov 2010 nov19_127.jpg (350808 bytes) nov19_173.jpg (1737068 bytes) nov19_128.jpg (343109 bytes)

Once again, some left this part of the old road for me to visit again.

nov19_127_50_text.jpg (84641 bytes) nov19_173a.jpg (648028 bytes) nov19_128a_text.jpg (85755 bytes)
Huerfanito Bridge.
Aug 1993 


baja1993_115.jpg (328464 bytes)

Thanks Lionel & Judy for helping make this wish possible!

End of the road. Brand new super-duper Highway 5 (paved but blockaded before construction zone). Sheesh, it looks like a traffic jam around here (post-race support teams).

Pavement continues several miles beyond Nacho’s Camp but is blockaded by dirt barriers for safety of construction crews further south. Exit onto old dirt road here.

nov19_133.jpg (359163 bytes)

nov19_134.jpg (493462 bytes) nov19_130.jpg (665208 bytes) nov19_130a.jpg (34388 bytes)

nov19_134_text.jpg (140710 bytes) nov19_131.jpg (207897 bytes) nov19_132.jpg (228459 bytes)

nov19_pan_end_of_hwy5.jpg (212879 bytes)


Nacho's Camp

nov19_129.jpg (92145 bytes)

It used to be the first house coming down the last hill into Nacho's Camp, but Pete & Olivia Martina are now a bit more crowded than in 1993.

It's a year-to-year land lease. And the property owner has closed the air strip. And the new road road is a "game-changer." Who know what will happer to the "old Baja?"

Aug 1993  baja1993_118.jpg (421783 bytes)

Barbara & Pete. TJ is having a field day sniffing about the beach.

Nov 2010 nov19_141.jpg (1478360 bytes) nov19_180.jpg (1496960 bytes) nov19_142.jpg (3822025 bytes)
nov19_185.jpg (1420268 bytes)
Lionel, Judy, Olivia, Pete
nov19_188a.jpg (313852 bytes)
Judy, Andrew, Olivia, Pete
nov19_186b.jpg (81871 bytes)
Judy, Olivia, Pete, Lionel

Massages for everyone.  Okay, almost everyone.

nov19_184.jpg (1137649 bytes) nov19_183.jpg (1223303 bytes) nov19_187a.jpg (531031 bytes)
Olivia & Pete Martina
Evening cocktails on the hotel balcony before walking one block to the Malecon for dinner. nov19_146.jpg (1576715 bytes) nov19_147.jpg (1457222 bytes) dr_evil.jpg (23638 bytes) nov19_148.jpg (1562937 bytes)
Saturday, November 20

Beautiful sunrise at 6:30 am. nov20_105.jpg (1233772 bytes) nov20_106.jpg (1343422 bytes) nov20_107.jpg (1222603 bytes)

nov20_108.jpg (1241872 bytes) nov20_109.jpg (1115716 bytes) nov20_110.jpg (1165019 bytes)

Right click to view this animation full-size.
nov20_103.jpg (1155695 bytes) nov20_104.jpg (1312539 bytes)
Today is "Day of the Revolucion" holiday in Mexico. After the parade and donating P$200 to a "fisherman" to get "gas", we went fishing for reel (get it? reel, yuck, yuck). nov20_111.jpg (966795 bytes) nov20_112.jpg (922498 bytes) nov20_114.jpg (902647 bytes) nov20_113.jpg (163511 bytes)

Return to shore with sick passenger (sorry, no pics of the sickness). Then go out again --- at least until pee pee time (onshore). About 7 miles out & 30 meter depth.

 nov20_115.jpg (817045 bytes) nov20_pan_sea_of_cortez_fishing.jpg (216913 bytes)
What a sky! What clouds! What a view!
Fish of the day? A few Corvina. Then 20+ Croaker. The bait? Diced Sardine. nov20_crew1.jpg (313391 bytes) nov20_crew2.jpg (321085 bytes) nov20_118.jpg (877612 bytes) nov20_judys_first_croaker.jpg (399192 bytes)Judy's first Croaker.
Captain Raul Meza (same as last year) and first mate Marcelino "Meastro" also did a great job fishing sans pole, simply the fish line. One line. Two hooks. Two fish. nov20_116.jpg (812541 bytes) nov20_124.jpg (910965 bytes) nov20_117.jpg (799145 bytes) nov20_120.jpg (904803 bytes) nov20_126.jpg (986494 bytes)
nov20_121a.jpg (27768 bytes) nov20_121a_text.jpg (30962 bytes)
Off on the distant horizon ... Picacho del Diablo (Devil's Peak), home of the national Observatorio Astronomico high in the Sierra (over 10,000 feet) within Parque Nacional de San Pedro Martir. nov20_121.jpg (703014 bytes) nov20_122.jpg (741099 bytes) nov20_125.jpg (871139 bytes) nov20_123.jpg (781439 bytes)Bird Rock, about 23 miles out to sea.
Filleting the fish is a 2-man operation requiring skill and sharp knives. Feeding the scraps to the pelicans becomes a community event for the kids. nov20_127.jpg (908092 bytes) nov20_128.jpg (917520 bytes) nov20_129.jpg (969134 bytes) nov20_130.jpg (856718 bytes) nov20_131.jpg (990891 bytes)
nov20_132.jpg (937141 bytes) nov20_133.jpg (877286 bytes) nov20_134.jpg (910355 bytes) nov20_135.jpg (825825 bytes) nov20_142.jpg (894016 bytes)
nov20_137.jpg (950117 bytes) nov20_138.jpg (1041190 bytes) nov20_139.jpg (934220 bytes) nov20_140.jpg (942208 bytes) nov20_141.jpg (908059 bytes)
nov20_136.jpg (1019589 bytes) nov20_143.jpg (1130036 bytes) nov20_144.jpg (1074093 bytes)
A bit more of Picacho del Diablo at sunset. And moonrise over the Sea of Cortez at Pete's Camp N/o San Felipe. nov20_145.jpg (475670 bytes) nov20_146.jpg (464606 bytes) nov20_148.jpg (563019 bytes) nov20_147.jpg (551364 bytes)
We ended the day with some jumbo shrimp purchases & a late lunch / early dinner before heading back North and purchasing Kahlua at the Mega store in Mexicali. nov20_149.jpg (824244 bytes) nov20_150.jpg (808653 bytes)