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Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico
28 February - 3 March 2010

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The Missions of Baja California

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Roommate tryout failed.

Dentist. New VW starter. Networking.

Michael and his daughter Sara, visiting from Toronto decided come visit me down here. Idea ... hook them up with Lionel & Judy in San Diego to ride-share for the 1-day "adventure" --- didn't work.

Sunday, Feb 28

Monday, Mar 01

Bahia Cantiles Restaurant & Bar

Tuesday, Mar 02

Wednesday, Mar 03


Be sure and open the Google Earth KMZ for Baja Norté locations.

"Communicate" song by band Strive Roots


Google Earth Placemarks

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Southern California
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Missions of Baja History
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aaa_baja.jpg (6222791 bytes)Ever wonder why Loreto, San Felipé, Los Cabos and other select Mexican destinations come into being and grow like crazy? It's not luck or coincidence. It's all very well-planned. Thanks to Fonatur, the "institution responsible for the planning and development of sustainable tourism projects." And with respect to the Baja Peninsula specifically, there is the vision of the Escalera Nautica, the Nautical Ladder --- a mega project. As of August 2009, this project was HALTED by the Mexican federal government.

Yippie! The new Baja Almanac is out!  After being out of print for 4 years and losing both my copies, I ordered 4 to make sure I have a backup and give two away as gifts.


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Taxi Strike (00:30) March 1

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Rosarito Sunset (00:30) March 2


Sunday, February 28

Anaheim to Pacific Beach for dinner & drinks w/ Lionel & Judy. Spectacular views with  wildfire (?), clouds, islands & battleships in the background.

feb28_111.jpg (557711 bytes) feb28_112.jpg (130603 bytes) feb28_113.jpg (392577 bytes)
feb28_114.jpg (254185 bytes) feb28_115.jpg (311029 bytes)
feb28_116.jpg (278140 bytes) feb28_117.jpg (86977 bytes)
Monday, March 1

Dentist. New VW starter. Networking & dinner at Bahia Cantiles. Taxi protest (strike?). 

mar01_111.jpg (640968 bytes) mar01_112.jpg (628471 bytes) mar01_113.jpg (618143 bytes) mar01_114.jpg (569199 bytes) mar01_115.jpg (559793 bytes)
Andrés meets Andrés, guarding the parking lot. It's always good to tip your bartender (Alfredo), waitress (Martha) and my buddy watching my car, Andrés, from Jalisco. mar01_andres_y_andres.jpg (482506 bytes) mar01_116.jpg (570613 bytes) mar01_117.jpg (578068 bytes)
Called it an early night at 8pm (actually "closed" the bar) and went to Roberts Motel to crash in the surfer's bunk room. mar01_120.jpg (374493 bytes) mar01_121.jpg (501356 bytes) mar01_125.jpg (137732 bytes)
But I couldn't resist the night's entertainment and stayed up until 10 pm watching Mother Nature's spectacular full moon show. mar01_122.jpg (748614 bytes) mar01_123.jpg (416178 bytes) mar01_128.jpg (687970 bytes) mar01_129.jpg (540206 bytes)
mar01_138.jpg (637294 bytes) mar02_sky_fullmoon.jpg (1008827 bytes) mar01_139.jpg (760383 bytes) mar01_130.jpg (651732 bytes)
Tuesday, March 2

Spanish tutoring. Apartment hunting. Dinner & beers with Mario to discuss property manager opportunity.

mar02_panorama_rosarito_360.jpg (328206 bytes)
mar02_rosarito_andy305.jpg (638753 bytes) mar02_rosarito_andy300.jpg (622143 bytes) mar02_rosarito_andy301.jpg (617762 bytes) mar02_rosarito_andy302.jpg (619545 bytes) mar02_rosarito_andy303.jpg (605760 bytes) mar02_rosarito_andy304.jpg (660473 bytes)

Animated GIF (right-click to enlarge).

mar02_120.jpg (78623 bytes) mar02_123.jpg (650273 bytes) mar02_121.jpg (268103 bytes) mar02_122.jpg (634851 bytes)
Absolutely gorgeous sunset from the rooftop of my motel Costa Dorada ... $20 per night with Internet and television and reasonably comfortable.  mar02_125.jpg (379840 bytes) mar02_129.jpg (596657 bytes) mar02_124.jpg (369417 bytes)
They had hot water and it was mostly quiet. And Calalillies. mar02_130.jpg (632773 bytes) mar02_131.jpg (621388 bytes) mar02_calalillies.jpg (644822 bytes)
Soccer and baseball stadiums. mar02_panorama_rosarito_stadium.jpg (700798 bytes)
mar02_rosarito_sunset200.jpg (590500 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset201.jpg (569067 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset202.jpg (579350 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset203.jpg (580022 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset204.jpg (581866 bytes)
mar02_rosarito_sunset205.jpg (569134 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset206.jpg (680178 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset207.jpg (704181 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset208.jpg (690567 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset209.jpg (598183 bytes)
mar02_rosarito_sunset210.jpg (595502 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset211.jpg (604092 bytes) mar02_rosarito_sunset212.jpg (605332 bytes)
Wednesday, March 3

Michael and his daughter Sara, visiting from Toronto decided come visit me down here. 

mar03_111.jpg (646747 bytes) mar03_112.jpg (627880 bytes) mar03_115.jpg (634369 bytes)
Shopping in curio market at my friend's store, Geraldo and his sister Noemi. Juan and Ellie were there also, when Scott showed up to discuss the hydrogen converter. mar03_120.jpg (104698 bytes) mar03_113.jpg (588093 bytes) Decisions. Decisions. mar03_114.jpg (647720 bytes)European "man purse" ??
aug5-8_183.jpg (86173 bytes)Lunch at my friends Chris & Ashley's place, "Plan B". mar03_116.jpg (102808 bytes) mar03_118.jpg (90287 bytes) mar03_119.jpg (96832 bytes)
Surf lesson with Ché at my friend Jacinto's K-38 Surf Shop.  mar03_117.jpg (85340 bytes) mar03_121.jpg (67401 bytes)
Capped off the day with dinner at La Fonda Restaurant on the bluff overlooking the Pacific at Km 58 on a cold evening with an ill Michael. Then a few Margaritas at Bahia Cantiles before heading back to Anaheim. mar03_122.jpg (89380 bytes) Shortest border crossing all year, just 15-20 cars each lane at 11pm.