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Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico
28 - 30 August 2010

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An emergency trip to the dentist on Saturday to see what's going on. A major ache in the lower left back molar, migrating to the upper molars, the whole jaw and ultimately a splitting headache in my temples and back of the head feeling like a vice.

I'm thinking root canal and an infection?!?!

Saturday, August 28

Sunday, August 29

Monday, August 30


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Driving down off the mountain from above the storm clouds WOW! (00:32) 10 Mb MOV


Saturday, August 28

Driving down Highway 18 off the mountain from above the storm clouds. WOW!

aug28_above_the_clouds.jpg (378638 bytes)

aug28_116.jpg (665304 bytes) aug28_117.jpg (650547 bytes)

Check out these views from 6,150 feet a few days later.

Right on both counts: root canal and an infection!

But I had to wait until Monday 5pm for the procedure, although two days of antibiotics was suggested to minimize pain and inflammation during the work. WOW! He's good. I never felt pain. Not even the next day. Mostly just a dull ache and by Tuesday all was better.

Sunday, August 29
See some friends. A job "interview" with the Rosarito Beach Hotel timeshare sales group on Monday morning. This is Splash Restaurant & Bar with its very own "blow hole." aug29_119.jpg (607297 bytes) aug29_120.jpg (596605 bytes) aug29_113.jpg (671159 bytes) aug29_115.jpg (604555 bytes) aug29_114.jpg (609607 bytes)
And its very own crew (another set of "blow holes"), many from Bahia Cantiles Restaurant & Bar. But they're a great set of people. See "red book" journal for names & details. aug29_116.jpg (660162 bytes) aug29_117.jpg (563181 bytes) aug29_111.jpg (639233 bytes) aug29_112.jpg (647421 bytes)
I treated myself to an inexpensive lunch at K-58 La Fonda Restaurant on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. aug29_118.jpg (638091 bytes)
And a beautiful (ironic?) sunset with Jesus while driving northward. aug29_121.jpg (560871 bytes) aug29_122.jpg (628773 bytes) aug29_125.jpg (599044 bytes) aug29_123.jpg (592485 bytes) aug29_124.jpg (589209 bytes)
I spent the weekend with the usual suspects:
Monday, August 30
I love my dentist! And his staff. And the private waiting area. Dr. Oscar Avila. oscar_avila1.jpg (66652 bytes) oscar_avila2.jpg (197506 bytes) oscar_avila3.jpg (248581 bytes) oscar_avila4.jpg (211195 bytes)
Excellent border crossing. Not the shortest. Courteous.  Both in primary & secondary. About 90 minutes. Oscar Avila graduated from University of Baja California in 1979. He attended continuing education at Loma Linda University from 1992 to 2001 where he received three masters in Prosthodontics. Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry. He has been practicing dentistry in his current location for over 29 years. Dr Avila has kept up to date on many continuing educational classes for his knowledge and always bringing the best and most up to date equipment to serve his patients the best for less, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advance dental care available worldwide. Dr. Avila and his family created in 2002 the well known and advanced University of Rosarito that specializes in the dental education where Dr. Avila teaches from 8 am to 12 m daily from Monday to Friday.