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Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico
16 - 18 April 2010

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The Missions of Baja California

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Friday, April 16        Saturday, April 17        Sunday, April 18

Rosarito Beach to Ensenada Bike Race, apartment hunting, job search.


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aaa_baja.jpg (6222791 bytes)Ever wonder why Loreto, San Felipé, Los Cabos and other select Mexican destinations come into being and grow like crazy? It's not luck or coincidence. It's all very well-planned. Thanks to Fonatur, the "institution responsible for the planning and development of sustainable tourism projects." And with respect to the Baja Peninsula specifically, there is the vision of the Escalera Nautica, the Nautical Ladder --- a mega project. As of August 2009, this project was HALTED by the Mexican federal government. Yippie! The new Baja Almanac is out!  After being out of print for 4 years and losing both my copies, I ordered 4 to make sure I have a backup and give two away as gifts.
Video Clips

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Bike Race Clip from Km 40± / Pescadero 

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Bike Race Clip from Km 40± / Pescadero

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Bike Race Clip (2:04)


Friday, April 16

The dentist's office. Dr. Avila --- I love him!

apr16_dentist_office111.jpg (574487 bytes) apr16_dentist_office112.jpg (620028 bytes) apr16_dentist_office113.jpg (589865 bytes)
This is the "back" waiting room, if you request it --- "the bar is open!"
Saturday, April 17

After Leon fixed my front VW Jetta strut mounts

Race Day: assorted photos

apr17_bike_race_panorama.jpg (218771 bytes)
Costumes galore. apr17_bike_race114.jpg (632589 bytes) apr17_bike_race115.jpg (647502 bytes) apr17_bike_race116.jpg (616159 bytes) apr17_bike_race117.jpg (667854 bytes) apr17_bike_race118.jpg (615907 bytes)
Assorted vehicles with different numbers of wheels, and different ways to attach them to the human body. apr17_bike_race119.jpg (635742 bytes) apr17_bike_race120.jpg (658345 bytes) apr17_bike_race121.jpg (626140 bytes) apr17_bike_race122.jpg (612813 bytes) apr17_bike_race123.jpg (625593 bytes)
"That's it. I quit. Park the bikes. Let's call it a 'race' and have a beer."

"Is that you Darth Vader?"

apr17_bike_race124.jpg (648242 bytes) apr17_bike_race125.jpg (629429 bytes) apr17_bike_race126.jpg (650450 bytes) apr17_bike_race127.jpg (639952 bytes) apr17_bike_race128.jpg (644559 bytes)
Tandem & baby are both OK. apr17_bike_race129.jpg (642415 bytes) apr17_bike_race130.jpg (621887 bytes) apr17_bike_race131.jpg (602332 bytes) apr17_bike_race132.jpg (629433 bytes) apr17_bike_race133.jpg (631300 bytes)
Traffic everywhere. And being turned around. No, not turned around. Wait a minute. Yes, no, they're going straight. But wait. The other cop said to turn around. apr17_bike_race134.jpg (687123 bytes) apr17_bike_race135.jpg (629336 bytes) apr17_bike_race136.jpg (590936 bytes) apr17_bike_race137.jpg (635473 bytes) apr17_bike_race138.jpg (642508 bytes)
But, no wait, more bicycles. Oh, heck go on thru, and everyone toot your horns ... Keystone Cops a la Rosarito Beach. apr17_bike_race139.jpg (648456 bytes) apr17_bike_race140.jpg (650096 bytes) apr17_bike_race141.jpg (605004 bytes) apr17_bike_race142.jpg (624752 bytes) apr17_bike_race143.jpg (647485 bytes)
Sunday, April 18

Another cloudy, cool day.

apr18_111.jpg (655106 bytes) apr18_112.jpg (650590 bytes) apr18_113.jpg (631052 bytes) apr18_114.jpg (600421 bytes) apr18_115.jpg (612877 bytes)
The "free" road project I so wanted to work on and had no luck with the contractor is complete. Next to the toll highway. apr18_116.jpg (639491 bytes) apr18_117.jpg (639187 bytes) apr18_118.jpg (656476 bytes) apr18_119.jpg (710868 bytes) apr18_120.jpg (639197 bytes)
Brand new, well-constructed, thick 4-lane concrete from Fox Studios, from Puerto Nuevo & Primo Tapia, it is awesome! apr18_121.jpg (638082 bytes)
And a few towers still languishing, slowly forward. apr18_122.jpg (614935 bytes)
My friends (owners) Jim & Nicholas have been successful in opening their new restaurant / bar SPLASH and are currently expanding it due to the demand. apr18_123.jpg (611086 bytes) apr18_124.jpg (637528 bytes) apr18_125.jpg (593402 bytes) That's my buddy Nicholas bartending. He remembers everyone's name at the first meeting. WOW!
And my blanket vendor lady friend Maria that "follows" me everywhere --- even from competitor bar Bahia Cantiles. apr18_126.jpg (590022 bytes) apr18_127.jpg (592411 bytes) apr18_128.jpg (611008 bytes)