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Rosarito Beach, Erindira,
Coyote Cal's, Calavera
26 - 30 September 2009

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The Missions of Baja California

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Mostly Rosarito Beach area. Some recreation. Apprenticing two mornings with a solar contractor. Networking. Shopping. Traveling and exploring south again. My poor little Volkswagen Jetta can't seem to stop off-roading and four-wheeling. Oops.


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Southern California
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Missions of Baja History
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aaa_baja.jpg (6222791 bytes)Ever wonder why Loreto, San Felipé, Los Cabos and other select Mexican destinations come into being and grow like crazy? It's not luck or coincidence. It's all very well-planned. Thanks to Fonatur, the "institution responsible for the planning and development of sustainable tourism projects." And with respect to the Baja Peninsula specifically, there is the vision of the Escalera Nautica, the Nautical Ladder --- a mega project. As of August 2009, this project was HALTED by the Mexican federal government.   

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Cheap military entertainment while driving in Orange County (00:32)
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The beautiful Santo Tomas valley (wine country) at sunset after driving in from the coast for several hours on a rough graded dirt road. Off-roading again.(01:00)


Cheap entertainment on the drive down I-5 to San Diego --- five military helicopters ferrying loads underneath from an aircraft carrier to a beach staging area. sep26_111.jpg (486203 bytes) sep26_112.jpg (465680 bytes) sep26_116.jpg (449303 bytes) sep26_114.jpg (475033 bytes) sep26_115.jpg (464952 bytes)
There was a large audience besides me. sep26_113.jpg (460404 bytes)
A hillside wildfire in the Santo Tomas Valley burns quietly into the evening completely  ignored by residents and fire personnel. sep26_117.jpg (339494 bytes)

Saturday (late start) with multiple stops on the way to Coyote Cal's at Punta San Isidro just past Ejido Erendira, about 90 Km south of Ensenada.

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sep27_124.jpg (464453 bytes)  sep27_125.jpg (445769 bytes)

After arriving late at 8:30 and driving in the dark (more traffic and trucks to watch out for than cattle and wildlife), I arrive to find the door open, a note that said 'make yourself at home, we'll be back shortly' and the place to myself until the next morning. erendira_3d1.jpg (1040383 bytes) sep27_115.jpg (409346 bytes) sep27_116.jpg (453848 bytes) sep27_117.jpg (463804 bytes) sep27_118.jpg (451908 bytes) sep27_126.jpg (453683 bytes) sep27_127.jpg (452097 bytes) sep27_128.jpg (414927 bytes)

sep27_129.jpg (402902 bytes) sep27_130.jpg (388299 bytes)

No other guests besides myself and the young caretaker couple. The place must sleep between 30-40 people, has a bar, game room, common kitchen. Awesome little place for $15 per night. pan_coyotecals_inside.jpg (475314 bytes) pan_coyotecals_outside.jpg (888586 bytes)
Surf spots abound. Compliments of Coyote Cal's maps on the wall.

MAPS >>>

coyotecals_surfpoints.jpg (2505712 bytes) coyotecals_surfspots.jpg (1746276 bytes) sep27_131.jpg (397308 bytes) sep27_135.jpg (440778 bytes) sep27_137.jpg (443509 bytes)
Game room. With bunks above. The Barefoot Cantina. sep27_138.jpg (453735 bytes) sep27_139.jpg (442433 bytes) sep27_147.jpg (883518 bytes) sep27_136.jpg (435549 bytes) sep27_146.jpg (834348 bytes)
Driving  northward towards Calavera at Punta Cabras. Rancho Bates & Bates Ranch Road. sep27_148.jpg (484427 bytes) sep27_149.jpg (432289 bytes) sep27_150.jpg (477836 bytes) sep27_151.jpg (485519 bytes) sep27_152.jpg (487511 bytes) sep27_153.jpg (434477 bytes) sep27_154.jpg (482026 bytes) sep27_155.jpg (453711 bytes) sep27_156.jpg (444067 bytes) sep27_157.jpg (424143 bytes) sep27_158.jpg (476761 bytes) sep27_159.jpg (460494 bytes) sep27_160.jpg (459134 bytes) sep27_161.jpg (466655 bytes) sep27_162.jpg (415422 bytes) 
sep27_170.jpg (462368 bytes)Cabras. sep27_163.jpg (441546 bytes) pan_punta_cabras.jpg (1377795 bytes)
Las campers packing up. Las fishermen on the rocks. sep27_171.jpg (469332 bytes) sep27_172.jpg (458393 bytes) sep27_173.jpg (368117 bytes) sep27_174.jpg (454117 bytes) sep27_175.jpg (449348 bytes)
Las doggie checking me out. sep27_176.jpg (451466 bytes) sep27_177.jpg (481995 bytes) sep27_178.jpg (483424 bytes) sep27_179.jpg (465915 bytes) sep27_180.jpg (453820 bytes)

Rancho Tampico.

Population 8.

sep27_181.jpg (471469 bytes) sep27_182.jpg (441588 bytes) sep27_183.jpg (464566 bytes) sep27_184.jpg (448570 bytes) sep27_185.jpg (397629 bytes)
Rancho La Calavera.

A story for each but no time to write right now. My new friend Manuel Higuera Arce w/ 100 acres of private beach-front property.

sep27_186.jpg (465380 bytes) sep27_187.jpg (473144 bytes) sep27_188.jpg (446807 bytes) sep27_189.jpg (455320 bytes) sep27_190.jpg (423701 bytes)
pan_la_calavera1.jpg (597854 bytes)
pan_la_calavera2.jpg (370683 bytes)
sep27_195.jpg (448168 bytes) pan_la_calavera3.jpg (399626 bytes)
What a pretty mug?!?! sep27_196.jpg (454985 bytes) sep27_206.jpg (467115 bytes) sep27_205.jpg (425194 bytes)
Driving 20 miles of dirt off-road (my poor little Jetta!) to Santo Tomas --- the 'short cut.' sep27_221.jpg (426413 bytes) sep27_222.jpg (403043 bytes) sep27_223.jpg (417487 bytes) sep27_224.jpg (407102 bytes) sep27_225.jpg (382665 bytes)
Santo Tomas (wine country) valley pan_santo_tomas_valley.jpg (970491 bytes)
sep27_234.jpg (403899 bytes) sep27_235.jpg (408257 bytes) sep27_236.jpg (392374 bytes) sep27_237.jpg (422310 bytes)
sep27_239.jpg (403723 bytes)Rosarito Beach ... concrete slab pour --- by hand!

I an humbled by how hard they work for a day's pay.

Solar contractor installed radiant floor heating system.

sep27_241.jpg (394788 bytes) sep27_238.jpg (404954 bytes) sep27_240.jpg (414571 bytes) sep27_242.jpg (396439 bytes) sep27_243.jpg (378294 bytes)