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San Felipé, Baja California, Mexico
Friday - Sunday, 27-29 November 2009

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The Missions of Baja California

Google Earth Placemarks


Back again. This time to the gulf side, the Sea of Cortez / Gulf of California --- San Felipé. Didn't make it to Puertecitos. I'm told they've paved about 5 miles of road to the south headed towards Gonzaga Bay. Ugh! There goes the dirt-road neighborhood.

It was nice there now that summer has come and gone. Met and stayed with my new friends Glenn & Joan Heidenreich who I met this summer at Fidel's El Pabellon campground south of San Quentín.


Be sure and open the Google Earth KMZ for Baja Norté locations.

"Communicate" song by band Strive Roots


Yippie! The new Baja Almanac is out!  After being out of print for 4 years and losing both my copies, I ordered 4 to make sure I have a backup and give two away as gifts.


Fun Facts

Google Earth Placemarks

CLICKABLE Baja Norté map.

aaa_baja.jpg (6222791 bytes)Ever wonder why Loreto or Los Cabos and other select Mexican destinations come into being and grow like crazy? It's not luck or coincidence. It's all very well-planned. Thanks to FONATUR, the "institution responsible for the planning and development of sustainable tourism projects." And with respect to the Baja Peninsula specifically, there is the vision of the Escalera Nautica, the Nautical Ladder --- a mega project. As of August 2009, this project was HALTED by the Mexican federal government.

Southern California
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Missions of Baja History
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san_felipe_space_station_pass20091127.jpg (33080 bytes)

Who cool is this ??? Even though I missed it.

nov27_111.jpg (393619 bytes) I'm learning to take fewer photographs. Far fewer! Missed quite a few opportunities of people on this trip. Including Bernhard, a Mexican semi-truck driver who I gave a ride to that was hitch-hiking from San Felipé to Ensenda. nov27_112.jpg (387407 bytes)
Video Clips

map_san_felipe.jpg (118975 bytes)

san_felipe_circa1988.jpg (807618 bytes)
San Felipé circa 1988

san_felipe_nancy_beach_camping.jpg (558808 bytes)
San Felipé circa 1985

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Driving in Orange County (00:30)
nov27_driving_sanfelipe.jpg (25283 bytes)
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nov27_driving_sanfelipe.jpg (25283 bytes)
3½ ± Mb
Driving in Baja south of Mexicali (1:17)


Swung through Palm Springs and saw Bob on the way down to the border.

And ye old Salton Sea. Hmmmm? Meredith know.

nov27_113.jpg (436989 bytes) nov27_117.jpg (431970 bytes) nov27_116.jpg (406931 bytes) nov27_115.jpg (339170 bytes) nov27_114.jpg (392950 bytes)
What a view of the sea for Barbara! Hmmmm? barbara_seaview.jpg (108718 bytes) andreas_cafe.jpg (168085 bytes)Andreas' Café. Did you know that December 1st is St. Andreas Day? Now you do!
On the road again ...

Dust devils, fast trucks and no time to lose ...

nov27_118.jpg (357614 bytes) nov27_119.jpg (383175 bytes) nov27_120.jpg (363212 bytes) nov27_121.jpg (291757 bytes) nov27_122.jpg (371679 bytes)
... across the Laguna Salada (dry lake bed) ... although Barbara and I have crossed here when it's been completely inundated by water. Oooogh, going too fast again. Top speed ... 105 (!) miles per hour. nov27_123.jpg (348933 bytes) nov27_124.jpg (443189 bytes) nov27_125.jpg (368113 bytes) nov27_126.jpg (431201 bytes) nov27_127.jpg (333798 bytes)
Beautiful ! nov27_128.jpg (366747 bytes) nov27_129.jpg (398772 bytes) nov27_130.jpg (395104 bytes) nov27_131.jpg (352771 bytes)
The Baja 1000 race, just a few days earlier crossed here. I had so hoped to attend my first race, but alas, this thing called employment took precedence. Ugh! Tire / rubber wreckage was left behind everywhere. nov27_baja1000_2009.jpg (435422 bytes)
"Where have all the vados gone? Long time passing ..."

So sad. The "old" Baja is gone. Paved over. So that everyone has easy access. Rectangular concrete culverts everywhere.

nov27_136.jpg (444898 bytes) nov27_140.jpg (355435 bytes) nov27_141.jpg (378424 bytes)
Progress everywhere along Mex-5. And Baja Norté. Two lane road => four-lane roads. Beautiful asphalt surfaces with no potholes. Vados no more. Replaced by bridges. And "interchanges." nov27_142.jpg (381618 bytes) nov27_143.jpg (403306 bytes) nov27_144.jpg (366017 bytes)
The obligatory military checkpoint at the intersection of Highways 3 & 5.

And another along Highway 3.

nov27_145.jpg (381425 bytes) nov27_146.jpg (351324 bytes) checkpoint.jpg (97303 bytes)
Open road ... Mex-5 south of the checkpoint before San Felipe. nov27_147.jpg (407029 bytes) nov27_148.jpg (373817 bytes) nov27_149.jpg (365808 bytes) nov27_150.jpg (341194 bytes) nov27_151.jpg (360541 bytes)
Met some wonderful new friends ...  and friends of friends ... and pets.

Along the malecon.

san_felipe_112.jpg (214484 bytes) san_felipe_113.jpg (221497 bytes) san_felipe_114.jpg (225380 bytes) san_felipe_111.jpg (240910 bytes)
I actually kept a cheat sheet as I met Glenn & Joan's pets and neighbors and friends while on the HEIDENREICH "estate."

Now there's a German name!

nov28_heidenreich.jpg (356263 bytes)I was treated so kind! Thank you.
  • Dogs Milo, Maxine, Zeke and Dammit
  • Handiman & all-around nice guy Sergio let me crash with him for two nights in the Winnebago.

What a blast at Pete's Camp Cantina. Boy, was I ever "the old one". Who knew you could openly drink at the bar at age 16 ???

  • Don & Sue
  • David & Joyce (and their kids Dominic & Cheryl) from San Francisco
  • Al & Joy
  • Rich & Debbie
And referred to panga fishermen Raul Meza & his son Luis (044.686.545.8156 cell OR 52.686.577.2678 tele). And curio vendors. nov28_111.jpg (389688 bytes) nov28_112.jpg (374762 bytes) nov28_113.jpg (341022 bytes)
What a view! Behind me, it was like a parking lot for awhile until we found our space right on top of a school of rock fish and a few corvina. nov28_fishing.jpg (363363 bytes)
John (reminds me of Harold White) and friend his Timo. nov28_122.jpg (375728 bytes) nov28_123.jpg (404841 bytes) nov28_124.jpg (367985 bytes) nov28_125.jpg (341155 bytes) nov28_126.jpg (427239 bytes)
Plenty of Rockfish and a few Corvina for everyone. nov28_127.jpg (349823 bytes) nov28_128.jpg (391509 bytes) nov28_129.jpg (394958 bytes) nov28_130.jpg (404846 bytes) nov28_131.jpg (428136 bytes)
And accepted. Even by the pelicans. What a crowd! nov28_132.jpg (371938 bytes) nov28_133.jpg (422631 bytes) nov28_134.jpg (377218 bytes)
I love Baja! Four-wheeling in a VW Jetta is not advised. Stuck again. If you actually care, ask me about "the solution" to this problem. nov29_115.jpg (403758 bytes) nov29_116.jpg (337894 bytes) nov29_114.jpg (348476 bytes) nov29_113.jpg (375902 bytes) 
And both its Gringos and Natives. Two couples from Michigan and their 4x4 jeep pushed me out from behind using a sleeping bag and a pillow as bumper cushions.
Military, Federales & Policia everywhere. nov29_117.jpg (415119 bytes) policia.jpg (42995 bytes) nov29_123.jpg (336704 bytes) nov29_118.jpg (355055 bytes) nov29_122.jpg (387886 bytes)
And job-hunting at the El Dorado Ranch development. el_dorado_ranch.jpg (84236 bytes)
"Tanks goodness da Rockadile Café is still der, mon!"

"Along wid da Beachcomber Grill, mon."  Last visit with TJ in 1993.

nov27_152.jpg (431929 bytes) nov28_135.jpg (372005 bytes) san_felipe_115.jpg (261269 bytes) nov28_136.jpg (389833 bytes) nov28_137.jpg (415728 bytes)
SNOW! Snow in Baja! nov29_124.jpg (354665 bytes) nov29_125.jpg (409739 bytes) Snowing on Picacho del Diablo (10,154 feet above sea level) in Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park between San Felipé & San Quentín as seen westbound on Mex 3.
Heading north on the toll road (Mex-1) from Ensenada to Rosarito Beach for some late Farmacía shopping and back to Anaheim. Beautiful!

nov29_131.jpg (336464 bytes)

nov29_126.jpg (374461 bytes) nov29_127.jpg (367779 bytes) nov29_128.jpg (307139 bytes)

ROADS UPDATE: On the way back I gave a ride to a hitch-hiker at the Mex 3/5 junction & military checkpoint. He is a big-rig truck driver and mentioned that Mex 1 is in EXCELLENT condition down to Guerrero Negro, the border between North and South. From there, south, it's in the "old" condition. Just goes to show who has the money --- the North --- Mexicali, Ensenada, Tijuana.

nov29_129.jpg (376771 bytes) nov29_130.jpg (405919 bytes)