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Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico
Wednesday - Saturday, 5-8 August 2009

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The Missions of Baja California

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Back again. This time during the week. To network and job hunt, hoping each contact gives me two more contacts. And look for apartments. And a dentist. And a VW mechanic. And shop for gifts. What a whirlwind trip. Got soooooo much accomplished. Way too much to write about. So just some quick notes & bullet points below. Surf was flat and my neck and spine are so straight from surgery that I can no longer do it. The VW had NO (!) oil in the engine. What the *&!?<*%$!

Immigras at city hall was closed after 1:00 pm when I went there for the FM-3 paperwork. But an abogado office was open for a free consultation.

Thank you Josué. And everyone else for being so kind and gracious. Gracias. Last week's trip.

Be sure and open the Google Earth KMZ for Baja Norté locations.

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Google Earth Placemarks

CLICKABLE Baja Norté map.


aaa_baja.jpg (6222791 bytes)Ever wonder why Loreto, San Felipé, Los Cabos and other select Mexican destinations come into being and grow like crazy? It's not luck or coincidence. It's all very well-planned. Thanks to FONATUR, the "institution responsible for the planning and development of sustainable tourism projects." And with respect to the Baja Peninsula specifically, there is the vision of the Escalera Nautica, the Nautical Ladder --- a mega project. As of August 2009, this project was HALTED by the Mexican federal government.

Online researched the mega port project in Punta Colonet just south of Ensenada and contacted the environmental consultant in New York to see whether this on-again-off-again project is currently moving forward.

aug5-8_229.jpg (280811 bytes)

Southern California
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Missions of Baja History
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Something else I did not know --- just south of Rosarito Beach lies Calafia, a rocky point that was the dividing line between the Dominican (Father Santo Domingo) and San Franciscan missions and the location of Mission San Diego de Alcala. 

aug5-8_228.jpg (285367 bytes)Read text in these two images.

Open the above GE file for a comprehensive history.

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puppy_weddle.jpg (33965 bytes)

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Puppy "Weddle" (00:25) at Robert's Motel belongs to caretaker Ricky from New Zealand, a dark-skinned, wandering soul with Maori bloodline. If you hear "that" accent, don't ever ask a Kiwi if he's from Oz. Oops.
k-38_roberts_motel.jpg (26128 bytes)

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k-38_roberts_motel.jpg (26128 bytes)

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Roberts Surfer Motel & Reef Break at Km-38 (01:03)
Way too much to write about. Back again in two weeks?



Remember "Plan B?" How appropriate I should find this in Rosarito Beach. aug5-8_184.jpg (285542 bytes) aug5-8_183.jpg (86173 bytes)
Vista point at Camp Pendelton on Interstate 5 in San Diego County. See the tanks on maneuvers in the background? aug5-8_111.jpg (735601 bytes) aug5-8_111a.jpg (843982 bytes) aug5-8_112.jpg (735556 bytes) aug5-8_113.jpg (762120 bytes)
Welcome back to Mexico. This time I found much cheaper car insurance --- different location & buy a block of days or a week. aug5-8_116.jpg (733333 bytes) aug5-8_117.jpg (795272 bytes) aug5-8_118.jpg (742072 bytes) aug5-8_119.jpg (726200 bytes) aug5-8_120.jpg (749977 bytes)
Popotla main beach, artisanos vendors and Fox Baja Studios, Km-34. aug05_pan103.jpg (497621 bytes) aug5-8_157.jpg (292668 bytes) aug5-8_121.jpg (793103 bytes) aug5-8_122.jpg (874920 bytes)
Construction? Not construction? It's difficult to tell. First you have to locate the highway exit or free road turn-off. Than an entrance (thru a wash, under a bridge, with a sharp turn at a triple fork, no signs and then up then hill around a blind corner). aug5-8_153.jpg (284861 bytes) aug5-8_152.jpg (259559 bytes) aug5-8_140.jpg (282920 bytes) aug5-8_142.jpg (134014 bytes)
Then get by a guard to get to the sales office or construction trailer. Then speak Spanish. Very tedious and time consuming. Perseverance and determinations are must-haves. Realtor friends are a great help. New subdivision infrastructure abounds. aug5-8_149.jpg (247704 bytes) aug5-8_150.jpg (283213 bytes) aug5-8_147.jpg (301528 bytes) aug5-8_146.jpg (301940 bytes) aug5-8_145.jpg (281963 bytes)
aug5-8_131.jpg (769292 bytes) aug5-8_132.jpg (761102 bytes) aug5-8_133.jpg (304708 bytes) aug5-8_144.jpg (297798 bytes) aug5-8_143.jpg (290158 bytes)
So I also wandered out. Drove about. Walked up to strangers and asked how they were. An introduced myself. In most cases, conversations lasted an hour, like with Sylvia & Wally (a retired civil engineer)  building two of their eight houses. aug5-8_139.jpg (283320 bytes) aug05_pan101.jpg (346539 bytes)
Selling? Yes. Always. aug5-8_127.jpg (749376 bytes) aug5-8_141.jpg (270430 bytes) aug5-8_148.jpg (283579 bytes) aug5-8_151.jpg (299459 bytes)
Construction restarted at La Elegancia just north of the Km-38 surf shop & Mario Restrepo's real estate business --- both lie in the shadow of the giant Savior Jesus statue. jul26_153.jpg (201780 bytes) aug5-8_128.jpg (275031 bytes) aug5-8_129.jpg (279764 bytes) aug5-8_130.jpg (280097 bytes)
C aug5-8_181.jpg (301646 bytes) aug5-8_225.jpg (302539 bytes)
Out and about town. Back and forth many times. aug5-8_154.jpg (284414 bytes) aug5-8_155.jpg (294640 bytes) aug5-8_156.jpg (292683 bytes) aug5-8_158.jpg (273578 bytes) 
On the road. Timing and geography and new leads meant much driving and taking advantage on an opportunity WHEN it happened. aug5-8_185.jpg (239287 bytes) aug5-8_186.jpg (307106 bytes) aug5-8_187.jpg (250637 bytes) aug5-8_188.jpg (260277 bytes) aug5-8_189.jpg (93383 bytes)
About 200 miles during three days trying to make as many contacts as possible and hand out business cards --- about 50 in all.

La Fonda is now developed.

aug5-8_192.jpg (286180 bytes) aug5-8_190.jpg (288962 bytes) aug5-8_193.jpg (303266 bytes) aug5-8_224.jpg (289985 bytes) aug5-8_182.jpg (296283 bytes) Islands
Back to Roberts Motel at Km-38 for the first and third nights for US$15. Not pretty. But cheap, friendly, safe. aug5-8_134.jpg (277676 bytes) aug05_pan102.jpg (313126 bytes)
My non-bathroom $15 room.

Km-38 Surf Shop. Helping peel stencil off shot glasses that were sand-blasted with logo.

aug5-8_234.jpg (281199 bytes) aug5-8_233.jpg (274226 bytes) Shop owner Jacinto in back and my teenage surf instructor, Ché in front.

Km-38. Three dollar lunch at the next-door taco stand. aug5-8_123.jpg (789328 bytes) aug5-8_124.jpg (606542 bytes) aug5-8_125.jpg (392940 bytes) aug5-8_126.jpg (879336 bytes)
Weddle and friend enjoying Canine Café treats. aug5-8_164.jpg (291465 bytes) aug5-8_167.jpg (273801 bytes) aug5-8_169.jpg (278705 bytes)
Full moon. Strong tides. Moon in shotglass. aug5-8_175.jpg (213726 bytes) aug5-8_171.jpg (219884 bytes) aug5-8_174.jpg (225457 bytes) aug5-8_173.jpg (216347 bytes) aug5-8_177.jpg (295813 bytes)
View from above the Jesus statue.

aug05_pan104.jpg (231186 bytes)
Camping at Km-71 south of La Fonda at Octavio's campground on second night. Clean, US$10, mostly vacant, pretty flat beach break. What a sunset! All for myself. aug05_pan105.jpg (234692 bytes)
My own almost-private sunset-into-the-sea about 7:45 pm. aug5-8_199.jpg (225938 bytes) aug5-8_200.jpg (242842 bytes) aug5-8_201.jpg (226990 bytes) aug5-8_203.jpg (265440 bytes) aug5-8_205.jpg (275840 bytes)
Followed by a full-moon rise about 9:00 pm. aug5-8_206.jpg (182760 bytes) aug5-8_207.jpg (212314 bytes) aug5-8_208.jpg (221345 bytes) aug5-8_209.jpg (226168 bytes) aug5-8_210.jpg (231801 bytes)
aug5-8_211.jpg (241140 bytes) aug5-8_212.jpg (249468 bytes) aug5-8_213.jpg (250228 bytes) aug5-8_215.jpg (176712 bytes) aug5-8_216.jpg (193260 bytes)
aug5-8_221.jpg (199287 bytes) aug5-8_222.jpg (190899 bytes) aug5-8_223.jpg (272837 bytes)
Typical two-taco, one-beer lunch for $3.50 plus $1.50 tip. aug5-8_226.jpg (285648 bytes) aug5-8_227.jpg (272933 bytes)

Bahía Cantiles, an American expat hangout. Two evenings. Met Jamie Reynolds there, a Costa Rica & Fiji surf contest producer.

aug5-8_178.jpg (296770 bytes)
Even though I've driven the toll highway to the TJ crossing many times, I still managed to miss the border turn crossing turnoff. Good thing. Seconds later I saw the 3-hour backup. Kept going to the Otay Mesa crossing that I've never used. aug5-8_235.jpg (257727 bytes) aug5-8_236.jpg (283766 bytes) aug5-8_237.jpg (269160 bytes) What an adventure ... construction detours, missing signs, traffic, got into the Century Pass lanes, escorted back out by a dude on a bicycle. And, as expected, I got pulled into secondary inspection. Again. No biggie. Just an extra 30 minutes wait on top of the 50 minutes in the main line.
Wackenhut Security. Private security services. Transporting caught illegal immigrants back to the Mexican border? aug5-8_238.jpg (272855 bytes)
Blacks Beach, San Diego on the way back for about three hours. aug5-8_239.jpg (291808 bytes) aug05_pan106.jpg (374941 bytes)