Peninsula Trip: Baja California, Mexico, August - September 1993

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Google Earth KMZ: El Camino Real de la Misioneros de las Californias / The Missions of Baja California

The MAP is garmongous. Some day when I find time, you will be able to click on the map to visit specific locations.

Homes-away-from-home: Solmar Beach Club resort & the Villa del Palmar resort in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico; Timeshares for rent

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2010 San Felipe Trip Re-Creation

2010 Bahía de los Angeles Trip Re-Visit

Modern Mule: 1991 Chevy Suburban


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Pasadena, California departure, fully-loaded for (1) camping & self, (2) vehicle & breakdowns, (3) TJ & contingencies.

We were perhaps a bit reckless. Unprepared. Oblivious to the fact that Hurricane Hillary had just brush over Baja a few days earlier.


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Welcome to Mexico!
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San Felipé, BCS, south of Mexicali on the Mexican side and Calexico on the American side. baja1993_103.jpg (335656 bytes) baja1993_107.jpg (288013 bytes)
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NewYears2001-050-1408Dec30-Driving-ToSanFelipe-DesertStop-Panorama-33.JPG (67663 bytes)

NewYears2001-075-1612Dec30-SanFelipe-SeaOfCortez-Panorama-40.JPG (50769 bytes)
NewYears2001-105-1229Dec31-SanFelipe-FromBeach-Panorama-33.JPG (41883 bytes)
NewYears2001-115-1536Dec31-SanFelipe-FromChurchOnHill-Panorama-40.JPG (55311 bytes)
TJ, barely one year old, loved Mexico. He really thought he was a people. baja1993_105.jpg (405146 bytes) baja1993_104.jpg (362169 bytes) baja1993_106.jpg (317186 bytes)
On the road again south of San Felipé, on the way towards Puertecitos on the eastern side of the Baja., the pavement suddenly stops at an 18-inch dropoff and becomes graded dirt. san_felipe_1993.jpg (146622 bytes) baja1993_108.jpg (439310 bytes)
Puertecitos is not much more than a fishing village of Americans, the last vestige of civilization for about 100 miles of washboard, bone-jarring trail. baja1993_109.jpg (460264 bytes) baja1993_112.jpg (478285 bytes)
Flat tire 10 miles out, from razor sharp rocks, it's a balance between full tire pressure and small footprint and low pressure and large footprint. baja1993_110.jpg (579135 bytes) baja1993_111.jpg (633980 bytes)
To quote the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin: "magnificent desolation." baja1993_113.jpg (328824 bytes) baja1993_114.jpg (465649 bytes) baja1993_115.jpg (328464 bytes)
Vados (dry washes) & eroded embankments. baja1993_116.jpg (547056 bytes) baja1993_117.jpg (620552 bytes)
Pete's Camp. Meet Pete and his man servant. A cold cerveza, surprised that we traveled south of Puertecitos just 3 days after Hurricane Hillary ravaged the "road." baja1993_118.jpg (421783 bytes) hurr_hillary19930827a.jpg (130725 bytes)
First camp after San Felipé at Bahia San Luis Gonzaga. baja1993_119.jpg (503673 bytes) baja1993_120.jpg (359961 bytes) baja1993_121.jpg (387388 bytes)
baja1993_122.jpg (329836 bytes) bahia_de_los_angeles_naked2.jpg (114477 bytes) baja1993_124.jpg (432740 bytes)
Electrical problems from the start finally stopped us at the junction of Mex 1 & the coast road. I hitchhiked north to Cataviña to purchase another battery which I thought was the source of the numerous electrical problems. baja1993_123.jpg (373079 bytes)  

Twentyyears later ... deja vu!

Spectacular Bahía de los Angeles. They just got inbound telephone service this year. baja1993_125.jpg (565100 bytes) baja1993_126.jpg (350140 bytes) bahia_de_los_angeles_naked1a.jpg (185845 bytes)
Outbound phone service was installed a few years ago. Both via microwave relay stations. baja1993_130.jpg (89424 bytes) bahia_de_los_angeles.jpg (267405 bytes)
One night camping. Then ferocious winds and very high heat forced us into a motel the second night. "Federalies" no older than 18 and armed with machine guns visited us as I and a local were crouched under the hood trying to figure out the electrical problem. baja1993_127.jpg (321322 bytes) baja1993_128.jpg (400848 bytes) baja1993_129.jpg (369234 bytes)
On the road again on Mex 1 south of the LA Bay junction, we encounter road construction. The pictures speak for themselves as the crew works "in" the roadway, both lanes torn up and traffic flowing in both directions between the road grading equipment. baja1993_133.jpg (404604 bytes) baja1993_132.jpg (262845 bytes) baja1993_131.jpg (349299 bytes)
The desert gives way to lush tropical climate approaching San Ignacío. baja1993_134.jpg (479130 bytes) baja1993_135.jpg (526621 bytes) baja1993_136.jpg (455441 bytes)
baja1993_137.jpg (408892 bytes) baja1993_138.jpg (277134 bytes) baja1993_139.jpg (358821 bytes)
Mission San Ignacío. baja1993_140.jpg (371033 bytes)
check mission images vs. actual; mixed up ????? baja1993_141.jpg (460682 bytes) baja1993_142.jpg (457172 bytes)
baja1993_143.jpg (415786 bytes) baja1993_144.jpg (279982 bytes)
mulege.jpg (702513 bytes)
baja1993_145.jpg (754593 bytes) baja1993_146.jpg (338858 bytes)
At Playa Coyote on el Bahía Concepcíon, meeting Steve & Roberta for the first time ... Tequila shooters at 7:30 in the morning. I was hot, okay? baja1993_147.jpg (1041418 bytes) baja1993_148.jpg (291914 bytes) baja1993_149.jpg (362963 bytes)
text required,  baja1993_150.jpg (173238 bytes) baja1993_154.jpg (345813 bytes)
baja1993_153.jpg (145792 bytes) baja1993_152.jpg (176700 bytes) baja1993_156.jpg (86862 bytes) baja1993_155.jpg (189498 bytes)
Steve & Roberta baja1993_151.jpg (375061 bytes) baja1993_157.jpg (137481 bytes) baja1993_158.jpg (192554 bytes) baja1993_159.jpg (140566 bytes)
baja1993_160.jpg (881266 bytes) baja1993_161.jpg (259690 bytes) baja1993_162.jpg (207268 bytes)
baja1993_163.jpg (755610 bytes) baja1993_164.jpg (177761 bytes) baja1993_165.jpg (180204 bytes)
baja1993_166.jpg (419288 bytes)
baja1993_168.jpg (668195 bytes) baja1993_167.jpg (1038254 bytes)
baja1993_169.jpg (313749 bytes) santa_maria_naked1a.jpg (195584 bytes) santa_maria_naked2.jpg (158900 bytes)
Buying a timeshare at the Solmar Beach Club resort in Cabo San Lucas, solmar_paid1.jpg (315818 bytes) baja1993_171.jpg (260549 bytes)
Celebrating by going deep sea fishing with our salesman, ___ and his wife ___. baja1993_172.jpg (269814 bytes) baja1993_174.jpg (231193 bytes) baja1993_173.jpg (272776 bytes)
The first time seeing Los Arcos was magnificent. And each time thereafter has been equally breath-taking. baja1993_176.jpg (329536 bytes) baja1993_177.jpg (336447 bytes) baja1993_178.jpg (212317 bytes)
The Dorado were practically jumping into the boat that day: the four of us and two crew and TJ, who held his bladder for nearly 8 hours even though we encouraged him to try and pee. baja1993_179.jpg (215472 bytes) baja1993_184.jpg (266813 bytes) baja1993_175.jpg (173551 bytes)
baja1993_187.jpg (350787 bytes)We must have caught 20+ fish during the morning. After lunch it turned into deep sea drinking. baja1993_180.jpg (281039 bytes) baja1993_181.jpg (250004 bytes) dorado.jpg (42559 bytes) baja1993_182.jpg (227294 bytes) baja1993_183.jpg (257203 bytes)
gato_verde.jpg (90412 bytes)Celebrating by going out on the catamaran party boat Pez Gato in Cabo San Lucas --- not to be confused with the Gato Verde in Bellingham, Washington. baja1993_185.jpg (318427 bytes) baja1993_186.jpg (172923 bytes) baja1993_188.jpg (104555 bytes) baja1993_189.jpg (238184 bytes)
meat on clothes line story baja1993_190.jpg (339436 bytes) baja1993_191.jpg (238764 bytes) baja1993_192.jpg (252195 bytes)
baja1993_193.jpg (463858 bytes) 
couple story w/ mech probs & camping baja1993_194.jpg (199819 bytes) baja1993_195.jpg (308779 bytes) baja1993_196.jpg (314360 bytes)
baja1993_197.jpg (281293 bytes) baja1993_198.jpg (427334 bytes) baja1993_199.jpg (230623 bytes)
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Final stop on the way home: Rock And Roll Taco bar & pool & volleyball pit in Rosarito Beach, Baja Norté, Mexico. rock_n_roll_taco.jpg (374500 bytes)
Similarly, final stop at Chuy's in Carpenteria, California after a typical day at Bates Beach in Southern California. chuys.jpg (226197 bytes)